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Nicholas Jalowski

Physical and Mailing
105 Fieldcrest Avenue, Suite 506
Edison NJ 08837
Physical and Mailing
105 Fieldcrest Avenue, Suite 506
Edison NJ 08837
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Individual Membership
- Managing Director, CTP, CMC

After spending close to a decade in commercial banking, I founded Cambridge Financing in 1985 as a part time financial personnel business. After the Savings and Loan crisis in the late 1980's however, our firm shifted focus to business turnarounds and restructurings.

In addition to my role in overseeing the management of the firm, I am a dedicated practitioner specializing in strategic consulting to firms in need of guidance in turnaround management, corporate revitalization, financing negotiations, loan restructuring, wind down of operations and/or workout management. Most of my clients fall into the category of a couple of million up to $150 million in revenue.

Since 1985, my skill sets have literally helped hundreds of companies overcome financial challenges. Sometimes the client moves on to strong and healthy growth, and they keep me on as a trusted advisor whenever something financial comes up. Other clients I have had to assist in the wind down of operations when the business is not viable, or help with a sale of the business to a competitor. I even had one client that I helped from the start of his business, through years of refinancing and a merger, to finally a sale of the business when he retired!

I am proud to hold the designation as a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). I was formerly a corporate banker with Bank of New York in New York City, and Fidelity Union Bank in New Jersey.

I live at the Jersey Shore and I am an avid fisherman. I like to play the guitar, and I am a fan of amateur wrestling.

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